pH Products

At Grow It Big we have a variety of products that will enable you to properly pH your water. Here’s some more detailed information about some of our recommendations. Looking for something specific but don’t see it here? Let us know, we’ll order it for you.

PH testing.jpeg

The Bluelab Combo Meter is a comprehensive meter that is able to test the pH of nutrient solutions, PPM or EC, and Water Temp.  It can be purchased with the new Leap PH Probe which allows the meter to test the PH of your medium directly (MSRP is $249).  The new Leap Probe is included with all new combo meters and is available for existing Combo Meter users as a replacement for the old style glass probes (MSRP $120).   New Combo Meters come with a 5 year warranty.  

The Bluelab PH Pen allows you to easily test the pH and Temp of your nutrient solution.  It is easy to calibrate and notifies you when it’s time to recalibrate your meter.  Bluelab products are top quality in the industry and this pen comes with a 1 year warranty (MSRP $112.50). 

The HM Digital pH Meter is a very affordable meter with a digital reading of both pH and Temperature with an MSRP of only $62.95.

GH PH.jpeg

The General Hydroponics PH Control Kit is a very simple kit that is great for beginners! This kit comes with a test tube to take a water sample and a test solution.  Simply add the test solution to your sample, compare the color of your water sample to a chart to show what your PH range is, and then use the included PH up and down for adjusting your solution (MSRP $17.50).

General Hydroponics pH Up and Down is a less concentrated solution that is easier for hobby growers to use.  It is designed to mix small reservoirs and the higher dilution of acid in the pH down makes it safer in the event of spills.  MSRP for one quart is $10.95 and one gallon is $26.90.

Cyco PH.jpeg

Cyco’s pH Up and Down is a high concentration designed for people mixing large quantities at a time for larger reservoirs and many plants, MSRP for one liter is $15.00.